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What you need in order to begin:

It's simple to begin an account with Promethyl Hosting. As a potential customer, go to our order form here and in just minutes your account will be activated and ready to use. If you do not have a credit card or paypal we do accept checks and money orders. If you send a money order you will need a tracking number. We are not responsible for money orders being lost in the mail. When signing up you will need to provide the following information: name, address, phone number, login username, password, and domain. If you need further assistance we ask that you contact us here

If You Need: Domain registration:

Promethyl Hosting can register you a domain for just only $9.95 a year. The benefit of us registering it is your personal information will not be exposed to the internet and we are responsible for handling the DNS(Domain Name Server). We make it easy for the customer to have his website up and working. If you register a domain it will take 24 - 72 hours for it to propagate in order to use it. If you do renew your 1 year subscription for your domain you have 45 days to renew it or the domain will be deleted from the system and the public can register it once again. If you wish to register a domain through Promethyl Hosting, please contact us here.

If You Need: A FTP program:

FTP programs are used to send files to your webpage. We recommend that you obtain a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. There are free FTP programs online. A good place to look for them is they offer thousands of programs that can help you in the development of your website. If you are looking for a free FTP program we suggest Leech FTP 1.3 for its easy interface. If you are looking for a paid FTP program we suggest BulletProof FTP.

Logging into CPanel:

The current control panel Promethyl Hosting uses is CPanel. It is currently the most popular and somewhat expensive control on the market. In order to log into your account you will need a domain. If you do not have a domain you can login via ip. Here are two examples of logging into your Cpanel e.g. or either way will prompt you authorization. Type in your user account name and password.

Creating email:

The first thing you will want to do is setup a email account in Cpanel. Click on "Mail" add/remove email addresses. You will be allowed to make a email address for your assigned domain e.g. In Cpanel you may also set the limit on how much mailbox space you get along with autoresponders, email forwarding, and much much more!

You're ready to start:

It's that simple to begin your very first website. If you are new to the world of HTML I suggest visiting Webmonkey. They have a wealth of information on alot of computer languages besides HTML. They can teach you Perl, CGI, PHP, ASP, etc. Now you can start uploading your website for visitors to view. Remember, if you need further help you can visit your local library for more information on computer languages even the smallest libraries have a good amount of computer language information and easy how-to HTML books.

I hope this has been helpful. We would like to help you if you get stuck. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us here.


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