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We offer competitive web hosting packages, including tailored packages for Realty IDX. View our web hosting packages and plans.

Design and Layout:
We specialize in creating eye-pleasing and sales-effective web solutions. Our portfolio comprises Corporate Webspace Internet presences from diverse regions and backgrounds.

Programming Consulting:
Promethyl Corporate is a stability-focused and cost-effective programming firm, with offices in the Midwest United States.

Blue Screen of Death Analysis:
Promethyl Corporate offers Microsof Windows Blue Screen of Death Stop Code Analysis. Microsoft Certified Engineers will analyze either the code itself, or a minidump file to give you a plain English explaination and advice on what to do next.

If you are looking to put up a site, consider Promethyl Corporate. We have a diverse portfolio which entails clients from diverse regions and situations.

We try our best to keep the price low for everyone's budget. Please inquire on the service you want which we provide for small monthly/yearly/one time fees.

Any endeavor requires a local look and feel, planning and computer age technology. We have the tools to make all those diverse components come together. That's why our slogan is:

Home. Plan. Digital.

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“This morning I got a personal phone call from the broker of the TOP Real Estate office in Galveston. She asked me how we were making any sense of the IDX raw data. She was very impressed with our website property search page and wanted to know how we did it and tried and tried to pick my brain. She said she had somebody from MIT looking at it and they couldn't make any sense of it.

I told her we hired a really good and high priced programmer to interpret the data and she soon lost interest.

We didn't think the Big Fish knew we existed. Thank you for giving the Little Fish some credibility!”

     -Mike and Joyce Stemmer

“Over the past three years Promethyl has been instrumental in programming IDX data from FlexMLS and Paragon for display on three of my websites. The feeds and displays have been reliable, quick, and maximize allowable fields in a easy to read display. I am currently developing a new site which will give Promethyl the opportunity to parse and add info from Commercial Brokers Association in addition to the two MLS data sources. They are easy to work with and knows their IDX stuff.”
     -Tom Watson

"So, the site was down over the weekend. I had to work and had very little time to spend on it.

Anyway, if you didn't already know, I'm hosted by Promethyl. He took greater care in fixing my site than I did.

More than that, the error was MINE, in my code no less.

He fixed it.

Amazing. If your host doesn't walk the gobi barefoot for you, why are you still alive?

It's back, Thanks Prom"

-Jun 06, 2005, 6:30 AM (CDT)
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